Cybergun FNX-45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol with Full Trades! - Desert

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"Hikock45 here..." - We've probably all seen the YouTube video of everyones favourite shooter with the real steel version of this pistol, now's your chance to own the airsoft replica.

This pistol was desiged to directly compete with the H&K Mk23 and has become the sidearm of choice for many SpecOps.

It comes with full trade-marks, nylon fiber lower and a metal slide just like the real thing. 

AWESOME super-crisp blowback action and a lovely trigger-pull wih minimal slop.

Supplied with one 26rd Green Gas magazine which has the great feature of having the fill valve on the side of the magazine, stopping you from getting dirt in it.

A gas blow-back airsoft pistol replica of the FNX-45. Features: - Full licensed trademarks. - Nylon-fibre frame. - Metal slide. - 26rd Magazine. - Green Gas/Propane compatible. - RMR/Red-Dot compatible. - Threaded outer-barrel with shroud. - Interchangeable back-straps. - Ambidextrous slide-catch. - Ambidextrous magazine release. - Ambidextrous semi de-cocker. - Double-Single action. - Mil-dot iron sights. - Adjustable Hop. - Realistic strip-down. All you need to add is an RMR, SureFire and a SilencerCo Osprey Suppressor!
CODE 200503
Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 330+
Approx Range 40m plus
Magazine Capacity 26rds
Fire Selector Semi-Automatic
Blowback Yes
Hop Up Adjustable
Powered By Gas (Magazine)
Gas Compatibility Green Gas
Manufacturer Cybergun
Weight (Kg) 1.1000
Cybergun FNX-45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol with Full Trades! - Desert
Powerful But Lacks Quality
Review by
I'm not sure why buyers are calling this Cybergun FNX-45 a "bargain" at £175.95 since there is higher quality pistols for much cheaper on this site.

The material quality of the full metal slider is high but let down a little by the cheap feel and under weighted nylon fiber lower but its fine with the very high quality gas magazine inserted where mag changes are frictionless and very smooth!

The FNX-45 has great power and can be fine tuned using the adjustable hop up, however, because the internals of the slider aren't as tight fit as they could be or in other words could benefit from stronger springs, this results in more of a slack blowback action compared to for example a WE M&P Compact Pistol "Little Bird" I own at half the price and mostly double the quality in all areas.

Great looking pistol, powerful but materials could be higher quality and expensive for what it is. Would I recommend it? YES but do some research first!
Cybergun FNX-45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol with Full Trades! - Desert
My Favourite Gun
Review by
This is the business. Full trades, different look and feel and with a hard kick which makes it a joy to shoot. Yes is so large that I can't find a holster that isn't a generic universal one and the additional magazines are very expensive (not found them anywhere for less than £45) but that in no way detracts from this great pistol. Hours and hours of fun
Cybergun FNX-45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol with Full Trades! - Desert
Very happy
Review by
Bought this as an alternative to the glocks, sigs and 1911 clones everyone uses and I was not disappointed. Blowback is very crisp and snappy- much more so than the ksc or TM glocks. The magazine is crowned with a big rubber pad meaning you don't have to worry too much if you drop the mag when speed reloading. The fill valve is on the back, which is unusual but nice as you get less dirt in it. The pistol is nice and meaty, it has a large and small blackstrap to change as you like. Basically it was everything the reviews said it would be, which is great.
The main thing I'm happy about is the fact that is was much cheaper than anywhere else, including the usual US and far East stores that I usually order from, and it arrived much faster! Very happy and will be keeping AW at the top of my shopping list in the future.
Cybergun FNX-45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol with Full Trades! - Desert
Very niiiiice
Review by
Received this pistol the other day, it's very nice. The slide is an absolute tank so make sure you using a suitably powerful gas, the Lower is solid too.

It's got the same threads as a socom on the front 16mm positive threads so you'd need an adapter for regular silencers or find socom compatible ones.

It was well oiled out the box and you also receive a smaller backstrap in the box.

Can't wait to field this and get some kills

Thanks AW
Cybergun FNX-45 Tactical GBB Airsoft Pistol with Full Trades! - Desert
A Bargain
Review by
I was lucky enough to purchase the pistol on the black Friday sale, it was a bargain at the price ,so I snapped it up. It took a week to arrive, but this was down to the shear amount of orders placed during the Friday sale that prevented a swifter despatch, I also genuinely know that AW was working 100% behind the scenes to get the orders sent out.
The pistol itself is covered with trades, if you're a trade whore, then you will be a happy person, it looks really good, all the proper RS trades are present, one of the perks of getting a Cybergun product.
The overall build quality is good, I was well impressed, as a person who has owned most airsoft manufactured pistols, I can honestly say, the quality was up to par with the likes of KWA certainly and WE. The pistol was dry when delivered, so I recommend that strip it down and lube it before any serious use. The magazine for me was the one of the best features of the pistol, the quality was superb, it just cried quality, I haven't been able to find out the OEM of the pistol although I believe it's VFC, if that's the case then so be it, but the magazine, strikes me to be of GHK quality.
If you are going down the route of fitting a red dot sight and Osprey suppressor to the pistol, then that's you're your choice, I have seen pictures of the set -up and it does look good, but to me, the open sights do the job perfectly, when you lift the pistol to your line of sight, it's there, perfect, so I personally will not be fitting a red dot sight.
I have owned a MK.23 pistol, and I have found this pistol to be much more comfortable in the hand, for me, it's a bloody good buy, and I don't regret it.
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