CoverT Machine Pistol Shoulder Holster - SMG-7 / SMG-5K / Skorpion / UZI

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Available in either black or olive drab High quality Cordura nylon shoulder rig for SMG-5Ks and other small machine pistols. Fully adjustable and featuring 2 magazine pouches this is a highly sought after bit of kit, to the point that we gave up trying to find them from other manufacturers and had them made ourselves.
Manufacturer CoverT
CoverT Machine Pistol Shoulder Holster - SMG-7 / SMG-5K / Skorpion / UZI
Not usable for MP5K without tweaking
Review by
So i wanted this holster for my MP5K from WE. Its modded with JG rail system, 551 holo and flashlight. It is quite heavy one (over 4kg with mag) so my previous leg holster became useless as i couldnt run with it.

This particular holster is somewhat imitation of original H&K shoulder holster but it has various issues.
1. It doesnt have hole in the latch that attaches to the gun thus making a quick detatch system impossibility. So i drilled a hole in the metal latch so i could attach a key ring with a little rope for quick detach. Works great now.
2. Magazine pouches are too short for 30/45 round magazine. Had to cut the latches off and add material to extend the latches so they are now usable with long MP5 mags.
3. The strap that should go around the grip of the gun is way to short and it is in wrong position (too high in relation to the grip. So i had to detach it, sew an extension of the strap and sew it 2 inches lower to the long vertical strap on RHS shoulder.
4. The little attachment strap that hooks onto the metal latch and should go around the rear strap hook of the gun is not required as the gun would be hanging too low in relation to the shoulder. So i just got rid of it and attached the metal hook directly to the gun.
5. The strap that goes around the neck should be padded. Otherwise it creates massive pressure against your neck and quicky it leads to huge discomfort. It could be because my MP5K with all the attachments and its own weight is veary heavy but i believe a nice cushioning just under the neck strap would do magic there. I will have to get some cushioning and sew it there...

All in all its becomes usable for my MP5K after i spend about a whole day of redesigning the holster. I have to say that I'm pleased now but i understand that other buyers would like to get something that is immediately usable without major redisign. I guess this is why original H&K holsters costs hundreads of dollars not 26.50 quid...

So if you are ok with tinkering buy it for your MP5K. If not... i think you can look for something different or just have deep wallet for original H&K shoulder holster.
CoverT Machine Pistol Shoulder Holster - SMG-7 / SMG-5K / Skorpion / UZI
Good for most
Review by
I was very exited when this arrived. This bit of kit was easy to adjust only form the shoulders downward. I use a heavy, metal MP5KK PDW by GSG which I would say is probably larger then most MP5K's due to its tactical rails. This is where my problem is is that the strap to hold it on was not long enough! This most likely won't be a problem for other MP5's.

The build quality I can not fault and the adjustment are great. Amazing product but I will be buying an extra nylon strap extension to fit my gun. But please do not let my unusual gun put you off this fabulous product!
CoverT Machine Pistol Shoulder Holster - SMG-7 / SMG-5K / Skorpion / UZI
Looks good but I can't use it
Review by
Bought this a couple of months ago for my G&G MP5 with retractable stock.

Its made of good material and well stitched but I just cannot get it to fit and hold the gun comfortably so its sitting around never used.

Firstly, there is no instructions so you need to guess how it fits. You may think its just a matter of adjusting the straps slightly and putting over your shoulders but you would be wrong. If the horizontal strap goes around your neck the pressure is unbelievable so you need to adjust everything so the horizontal is further down your back which makes the vertical sections move outwards at an angle.

The gun attaches by a small lanyard and clip which for me is not long enough as I can't get the gun high enough to look down the sights, for hip firing this would be no problem.

The secure strap to hold the gun in place when not in use is not adjustable and consequently nowhere near long enough to go around grip area so can only go around the stock. This makes the gun sit lower than desirable.

If you are using it for a UZI or MP7 this would most likely be fine. Maybe even for a smaller lighter plastic gun it would be ok.

For a more realistic weighted Metal MP5 though it just doesn't work.
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