VFC Ashbury ASW338LM Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Spring Cocking - EX Display FULL SET

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One of the best sniper rifles in both quality and realism we have seen since a Clarence Lai Custom sniper I drooled over in HK about 8 years ago. That one was about £3000. Features: Spring operated. Designed from original Ashbury 3D drawings. Authentic markings. VSR 10 compatible inner structure and barrel. Diecast aluminum receiver. CNC machined upper rail and components. Adjustable Hop-up. 1.4 Joule (M120) version out of the box.(To be confirmed) Adjustable grip to trigger distance. 14mm counter clockwise thread for attachment of any matching flash-suppressor or silencer. Supplied in a high quality polymer hard case for ultimate protection in transit. Licensed replica of the real steel, manufactured by Vega Force Company (VFC) and based on the tried and tested VSR-10 model. Please Note: The main image shows the rifle with scope, suppressor and bipod attached - they are normally available as add-on accessories but do come with this display rifle as standard. This is in brand new condition although it has been viewed and handled by our staff and customers.
CODE 17138
Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 450+
Approx Range 100M
Magazine Capacity 40rd
Shooting Mode One Shot Per Cock
Hop Up Adjustable
Gun Type Springer
Manufacturer ASG
Weight (Kg) 8.0000
VFC Ashbury ASW338LM Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Spring Cocking - EX Display FULL SET
ASW338lm (Awesome Sniper Weapon)
Review by
This is the first Sniper Rifle I had bought and I absolutely love it. The quality and build of it is phenomenal. The folding stock can wobble at times but it is an easy fix. It is accurate and wonderfully deadly. The enemy team hates my guts lol. I bought the coresponding suppressor and scope and it's 5 stars all the way. Once I got the scope sighted in I was a one man army and destroyed the whole enemy team by my self (buddy got shot). Felt like a BA.
Anyway.... It is an excellent weapon and gets a-lot of attention. I love the style (reminds me of the REM MSR), and I love the weight of it. Air Soft World had EXCELLENT customer service and my hat's off to them.
Hopefully it will last me years of enjoyment.
Thanks Airsoft World & Nick
and Good Job Ashbury!
VFC Ashbury ASW338LM Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Spring Cocking - EX Display FULL SET
A lot less then hoped
Review by
Nice weapon , good accuracy on 20m , on 25m to much disperced with bb 0.43 . this week i will tested with bb 0.20 .

All in all a very beautiful weapon , now i wait for the upgrades ...
VFC Ashbury ASW338LM Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Spring Cocking - EX Display FULL SET
A lot better than I expected.
Review by
This is the 4th sniper rifle I have owned and probably the only one I will keep long term, the range out of the box was a lot better than one imagined it would be and upgrading it beyond 350 fps will be easy due the the amount of pimping parts available.

All in all a solid package that you are unlikely to see too many of.
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