Bullet Ammo carry case 'indestructible' polymer.

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    The Bullet Ammo carry case is actually a very cool case designed for the Bullet brand of steel wood screws for the joinery trade. As it's designed to hold 19,000 steel screws, this box is VERY strong! We've tried to break one and only managed to scuff it and put a few deeper scratches into the outer case by smashing it onto our concrete yard outside.

    HOWEVER, this is a box, so it can be used for anything you want really!

    The case is made from a nylon polymer with two very strong slide latches to hold it securely closed. the inside is split into two equal halves, each one separated by a more flexible polypropylene cover, which also locks closed with two very strong slide-locking catches. These are very cleverly designed and auto-lock the latches if you accidentally leave them unlocked, when you close the case.

    These are for sale right now on Ebay from other sellers for £22 plus £2.95 shipping (the lowest price) up to £40 including delivery! Ours are THE LOWEST PRICE IN THE UK so grab a couple while you can. Honestly, they are superb quality, you will not be disappointed.

    You can use it for your food, BB's and gas, spare mags, emergency kit in your vehicle, first aid, ANYTHING!