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* The capacity of a battery is stated in mA (milli-amps)
* One milli-amp is one thousandth of an amp, therefore 2400mA is 2.4Amps
* The higher the milli-amp number, the longer the battery will last before a recharge is required. For example: a 2400mA battery pack will last approx. twice as long as a 1200mA pack. The capacity DOES NOT affect the velocity or rate of fire of any electric gun.

The voltage of a battery pack DOES affect the rate of fire but does not affect the velocity (FPS) of any electric gun. Most AEG's (Automatic Electric Gun) are designed to run on a 8.4V battery pack.

* Using a 7.2V will decrease the rate of fire by approx. 10 to 15% but the gearbox will generally last longer as it is under less strain and will also use 10 to 15% less BB's per minute of firing.
* Using a 9.6V pack will increase the rate of fire by a similar percentage but will decrease gearbox life and obviously use more BB's per minute of firing.
* A 9.6V pack should only be used in AEG's with steel gearsets as it will quickly destroy alloy gears.

A battery will never increase the velocity or range of an AEG. Only an upgrade involving a new piston spring, possibly piston and/or o-ring seals will do this.
Battery Charging Formula:
Capacity of the battery x 1.4 / 150 (mA output of your charger) = charge time of the battery Example, your battery capacity is 1500mAh. 1500 x 1.4 / 150 = 14 hours
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