APS Carbine Conversion Kit for 17/18 Series Airsoft GBB Pistols

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An ingenious kit modelled on the real steel RONI version which converts a standard issue Glock pistol into a formidable carbine SMG.

The point behind it? You have two weapons in one: Your regular sidearm OR if you need to use it to target accurately over longer distances with minimal recoil, you build yourself a carbine in about 30 seconds flat with this awesome kit!

The 'barrel' on the APS carbine kit is a large bore tube so it does not obstruct the BB travel from your pistol in any way.


  • High Strength Nylon Fibre construction for added durability
  • Retractable Stock
  • Detachable Vertical Folding Grip
  • QD Sling Swivel mount (Swivel not included)
  • 20mm Railed Frame for easy scope/laser/light mounting
  • Extended charging handle for easy pistol slide pull
  • Front Rail System for tactical accessories
  • Easy construction and take-down (approx 30sec)
  • Steel CNC Rebel Cutter Flashhider included
  • Includes 2 adaptors for 17 or 18C GBB Pistol

The GBB pistol is not included, you need one to make this kit operational or you can run around shouting "Bang bang!" It's up to you :)

Note: The front end can be a tight fit when using CYMA CM.030 Glk 18s but it does go on!

CODE SP603163
Weight (Kg) 2.5000
APS Carbine Conversion Kit for 17/18 Series Airsoft GBB Pistols
Great bit of kit
Review by
Turns your spare pistol into something special bought this for my lad to use as he generally tends to use pistols only and I was getting fed up of people commenting on the fact he only has a pistol dispite him getting plenty of kills so I got this for his spare raven glock it fitted no problem and feels a great bit of kit. will it turn your pistol into a gun to rival the aegs short answer No but it adds a little more to your pistol giving improved acuracy and great looks.
APS Carbine Conversion Kit for 17/18 Series Airsoft GBB Pistols
Very Good
Review by
You either love this or you think it's a pig.
I think this piece of kit is good, for what it is.
Makes CQB games a little more fun, but if you miss the feeling of a easy to use Glock in your hands then wait until you find something that suits you.
I found that my G17 Nicely I had to file and cut mine to shape, this kit also helps with control of the Glock.
The grip helps massively with spread and accuracy it is defiantly worth the money.
Postage was quick and reliable.
APS Carbine Conversion Kit for 17/18 Series Airsoft GBB Pistols
A MUST BUY for any G17/18c,
Review by
This is actually called the APS Caribe Action Combat if you are looking to see it on UThis is one of the best value add on items I have bought. It is solid piece of kit which as said above is quick and easy to set up.

It required a sharp knife and file to adjust the area around the cocking handle as the slide on the pistol didn't properly return.
Despite this slight problem I still give it 5 stars for quality.

Mine came with the sling swivel which combined with ambidextrous swivel mount gives a solid sling attachment point unlike some other CQB weapons eg MP5/7.
APS Carbine Conversion Kit for 17/18 Series Airsoft GBB Pistols
at last I like the Glock
Review by
I have had my vfc/ Glock for a year and it spent most of the time in the case as I just never fell in love.
I Had been hunting around the net for a while, looking for a Carbine kit and in the Uk every body was out of stock,
So It looked like the Far east was getting the dollar dollar make you happy long time deal, And then out of the blue like a knight on a charger screaming balance of trade payments clutching a Carbine kit in his hands the money stayed home. It arrived today after the courier had a long weekend well its Easter bless and I unpacked it after snatching it off him while setting the dug from hell on him telling him Get off my land .now the review, I unpacked the box and removed the weighty beast it felt very very well made surprising consider the much cheapness somewhat £50 cheaper than everyone else, and even included a array of adapters for your Glock of choice and a QD attachment superb value , I am one happy punter and will now be using the Glock for a change...
APS Carbine Conversion Kit for 17/18 Series Airsoft GBB Pistols
Fun and surprisingly good.
Review by
I bought this on a whim after seeing a few reviews on youtube. My club shoot exclusively CQB for which I often used my WE Glock 17. However this has been replaced by my WE M92 as my primary sidearm. We have quite a few younger shooters so I reasoned that this would be a good home for the Glock and a handy, easily controllable CQB gun for the younger members.
As usual the package arrived lightning fast and when I opened it, I was amazed at how good the build was, For the price I was expecting something much more flimsy. The whole chasis is well moulded and with the exception of a slight wobble when the stock is extended is solid.
I fitted the Glock and proceeded to play. I'm a big chap and took a while to get used to the compactness of the gun but once my eye was in, I was like a kid in a sweet shop!!
I fitted a laser and illuminator on the side picatinny rail and a set of FMA MBUS pop up sights and this thing is just about perfect for quick CQB and barricade shooting. I'm afraid the younger members are just going to have to wait to borrow this now. I'm not parting with it!!
I have a 50rnd extended mag on its way and am seriously considering a Glock 18c to give it a full auto capability and a bit more of a grin factor. I had intended to be a bit churlish and only give it 4 stars for quality due to the slight stock wobble but to to be honest that is ultra picky and in the shoulder is not noticeable anyway.
All in all, incredible for the money and turns your tired old Glock into quite a mean CQB machine for not much outlay. Recommended!!!!
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