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Snow Wolf

Aliens Airsoft Pulse Rifle M41A by Snow Wolf - Are you Ready Player One?

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Earn 289 Target Points

You know it and you really want it! There is nothing like a Pulse Rifle for clearing your attic of pesky Xenomorphs...or wasting IOI Sixers whilst having a dance-off :p

Based on the original G&P kit to replicate the Colonial Space Marines weapon from the Aliens movie, but without all the grief of building it, these have a Thompson M1A1 as their base and feature a working digital countdown LED display which registers each BB fired. A slight 'disadvantage' (not that you are really going to use it to count your ammo!) is that the LED counter starts from 95 to zero, so it's really just a gimmick unless you are prepared to count 95 rounds into the supplied 190rd mag. If you are quick though, you can remove a fully loaded 190rd mag after it has counted down from 95 to 0, then when you insert the mag, it resets the LED readout to 95 rounds 'ready' and you are good to go again.

Powered by a stick battery housed under the fake grenade launcher with a 9v PP3 powering the counter, the gun is supplied with a 190 round Thompson hi-cap. It will accept the longer 420 round mags but you cannot fit the base plate if you go that route.

Frankly for a ready-to-go M41A without the hassle of building it this is a steal. Limited numbers available, so don't hesitate....


We test every stock and check the rifle under packing cameras. Broken stocks will not be covered under warranty if you fail to use the stock release button. The internal failure is VERY specific and easily identifiable.

Wikipedia says of the Aliens movie prop:

"Weapons used by the Marines were based on real, fully functional weapons. British armourers used guns they found to be the most reliable when firing blanks and those which looked futuristic. The pulse rifles were created from a Thompson SMG, with an attached fore-end of a Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun and a Remington 12 Gauge Model 870P receiver with barrel."

CODE Pulse1
Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 350+
Barrel Length 270mm
Magazine Capacity 190 Rounds
Battery Type Mini Stick
Fire Selector Semi / Fully Automatic
Hop Up Adjustable
Powered By Electric (Battery)
Manufacturer Snow Wolf
Weight (Kg) 3.2000
Aliens Airsoft Pulse Rifle M41A by Snow Wolf - Are you Ready Player One?
Worth the money!
Review by
When i got my pulse rifle, it's exactly what is expected. The weight feels good, the olive drab contrast looks exactly like the movie replica versions and most of all, the manual is very helpful when you have a minor difficulty with using the hop-up feature!
Aliens Airsoft Pulse Rifle M41A by Snow Wolf - Are you Ready Player One?
one cool gun
Review by
Hi,Just got this gun, as with everyone else, its an Aliens fan, air softers dream.
The gun itself is well made and looks the part. There are a couple of problems which are mainly around the use of the magazines. The gun comes with a wind up mag which with the lower mag cover on, is really unusable on the battlefield.

I purchased a box of five, King Arms 110 round midcap mags, cut a section out of them, to make them short enough to fit the gun and glued them back together. Now they hold 97 rounds and fit in the gun with the mag cover on and no more winding mags.

Now my gun is perfect (for me)
Would like to add a touch and a sight,but the guns just to nice to modify.
Aliens Airsoft Pulse Rifle M41A by Snow Wolf - Are you Ready Player One?
Better than I hoped.
Review by
Do your self a favor and get one, nice weight to it, feels solid.

Loading the mag is a bit of a job.
I was worry it would look very plastic but it doesn't,

Comes with a good manual, showing you how to strip the gun.

Don't know how it shoot yet as its been wrap up for Christmas,

Got it for a song in the black Friday auction.

Thanks, airsoft world.
Aliens Airsoft Pulse Rifle M41A by Snow Wolf - Are you Ready Player One?
A movie icon at a reasonable price - Aliens fans buy now!
Review by
For a sci-fi classic it is a bit appropriate as this is made from 2 clones...the snow wolf Thompson clone and a clone of the G & P pulse rifle kit.
The Thompson is a good, hard shooter and the body kit despite not being 100% movie accurate is close enough.
At £100+ for a solid resin prop you paint yourself, £900 for a screen accurate prop (non-working) and £380 for the G & P kit where you need to supply a donor gun and build it yourself this has to be a bargain.
"Game over man, game over!"
Aliens Airsoft Pulse Rifle M41A by Snow Wolf - Are you Ready Player One?
My 1st review
Review by
This is my 1st review so hopefully it will be okay any a few point's first off:

1. I haven't been able to field test this yet.

2.Haven't chorno'd it either.

3. This apply's to my rifle others may be different.

1. It's the M41A pulse rifle truly awesome

2. Build quality is very good on it.

3. Fire's like a peach.


1. No manual

2. Was a little loose

3. Annoying to load and wind.

4. Shotgun isn't real

5. No sights

So to begin with I have (as I assume ever single Aliens/airsoft nerd) been waiting for this rifle ever since Ares has rumoured to be making one so I soon as I found this and had enough money in the bank account I had to have it. And when it arrived (A day later then I thought it would cause I live at the north of Scotland) I nerdgasmed it arrives in a plain brown box with just a little sticker on it saying 18+ RIF blah blah blah. So open it up and and you get the M41A itself and a hi-cap, a battery (that looks slightly better then the usual Chinese crap you get) , a charger (which is the usual Chinese crap you get throw it away and get a smart charger) and a small pack of bb's (about 1 and a half hi-cap's worth so not bad).

But no manual which is a bit of a pain cause I didn't know how the butt stock was adjusted(it's the little green button just above it) Plus I found the outer barrel moved from side to side (but this was solved by tightening the 4 Allen nuts just back of the barrel).

But these aside I was very pleased with the plastic on it a lot better then the normal Chinese plastic you get and seems pretty strong and sturdy so no complaints there, the shot gun on the other hand is another story it feels and looks a bit plasticy but does the job and is satisfy to rack. Loading the rifle it is a bit difficult to do because you have to but the magazine in the right way (if anyone has a thompson they know what I'm on about). You have to get the magazine slotted into the runners on each side which takes a bit of practise and not something to be done in a hurry but I am sure that with enough practise this could be done faster and easier. You have to the bottom off so you wind the hi-cap which spoils the look of the M41A but I am planning on cutting a hole in the bottom so I can wind it . Also getting some King Arms 110 rounds thompson mags so you can load 95 rounds in it and watch that counter go down.

Now we come on to the sights of the rifle or more rather the lack of there is just a groove in the top for you to look down and aim which will annoy some people but I am willing to over look this and learn how to aim with it.

There is no marking's on this gun apart from "MADE IN CHINA" and what I can only assume is a unique serial number on it which I think is a nice feature and Is a lot better then have company marking all over a gun.

So to summarise I think this is a great gun and I am very happy with it even with it's fault's I don't think it would be wise to buy this if your just starting airsoft because of the lack of manual , sights and being difficult to load.

P.S. I will write up on range etc once I field test this.

Compatible Batteries
Mini Stick NiMH8.4v 1600mAh Stick£12.99
Stick LiPo 7.4v 1300mAh£10.95
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