Airtech Studios BEU (Battery Extension Unit) - G&G ARP9/556, AM-Series, KWA TK45 / Ronin and Krytac Trident MK2 PDW

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    Airtech BEU
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    Tired of using smaller batteries for an all-day game? Here's your solution!

    One of the main issues encountered with the current crop of new shorter rifles is the limited battery spacing to operate conventional sized LiPo batteries to endure a long-lasting skirmish event.

    Once the LiPo was installed into the stock compartment, we found it difficult to fit the MOSFET, fuse, and cables back inside without the risk of overbending (which weakens the circuit over time). Likewise, we wanted to minimize the prospect of denting the battery's surface from the cramped spacing.

    By offering additional spacing inside the compartment, the Battery Extension Unit (BEU) is designed specifically to relieve all stresses on the ARP9's components, while protecting it throughout to extend its durability. There are crevice's on each side of the BEU to maintain a constant flow of ventilation to the battery and components to prevent a buildup of heat.

    The BEU is designed to fit beautifully with the original design by sitting seamlessly inside the stock compartment with no modification needed to install. Made of strong, flexible nylon that is resistant to BB impact and rough handling.


    As low as £18.95