Airsoft World and The Environment.

Most people think "What difference can I make to the rest of the world?" Answer? Just as much difference as anyone else can make by doing nothing.

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We at Airsoft World have made quite a few changes to our buying policies recently, the purpose of which is to decrease the environmental impact we have on this planet through the materials, products and shipping methods we utilise in the process of import and supply of goods to our customers.

RoHS, what's that all about?

One of the primary changes has involved the close work we have undertaken with the Asian factories and UK Government RoHS department which simply put, controls the import of poisonous substances used in the manufacture of electrical and electronic goods.
We combined our resources with Action Hobbies in Milton Keynes and as a result of our endeavours to comply, we no longer import or sell any products with lead, mercury, cadmium, plastic carcinogens or any other banned substances.
We have the products tested at a Government approved laboratory, which when qualified as a RoHS compatible product, receive a document of certification.

Do we REALLY need our new gear supplied in plastic 'clam-shell' or blister packaging?

What do you do with the plastic packaging that your new M4 mag has just been delivered in?
99% of people rip the package open and throw it in the bin, we used to do it ourselves! Then what happens to it? It goes to a landfill dump and lies there for several hundred (if not thousand) years and leaks poisons into our water supply, killing wildlife, polluting rivers and increasing the overall damage and pollution to our planet.
The Government are doing very little about it because of the economic disaster an outright ban on plastic packaging would cause to businesses. We have recycling facilities but to be honest, what percentage of our population can actually be bothered to make the effort? Not too many at all.

Airsoft World have taken measures to ensure that wherever possible, the products we provide will no longer contain unnecessary plastics packaging. We thought about substituting the oil-derived plastics with bioplastic, so it would compost safely and return to the Earth. Bioplastics use a lot of energy to manufacture, can take up to 3 years to compost and is more expensive than normal plastic. So, we've decided to use paper and cardboard instead. Some goods will come in no individual packaging at all. If it doesn't need it, we'll tell the factories we don't want it. Simple.
Since Airsoft World started, we have always re-used cartons and other packaging to send goods back out. We have a void-fill cushion making machine for protecting goods packed inside cartons, however, it uses bioplastic to make the cushions, 99.5% of which is just fresh air!

So, where do we go from here?

By far, the most serious plastics pollution caused by airsoft is down to the ammunition we use. Airsoft World are going to provide the airsoft market with biodegradable BB's that will compete against the price and quality of standard plastic ammunition. We have already been making huge investments in reaching this goal, in fact for the past two years we have consistently reduced the price of Bio-BB's whilst at the same time improving their quality.
We are almost at the end of our journey and very soon you will be able to have excellent quality true biodegradable BB's at a price to match the plastic equivalent.

We would also like to thank all our customers and other friends who have stuck by us and helped Airsoft World get where it is today. We love this sport and will continue to play our part in making it stronger - and GREENER!

We appreciate you taking the time to read this and really hope it's helped you understand.

To all of you, from all of us at Airsoft World Ltd - May your balls be green and Happy Airsoft!

Airsoft World Ltd.
A crazy but friendly bunch!