KWA Airsoft Products

Top quality gas pistols and electric rifles from a highly respected Taiwanese company. Their new PTP range will, quite literally, blow your socks off!

KWA started off as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for the Japanese airsoft market for KSC, TM and WA. Now, they continue to make pistols for KSC with the only difference being the addition of licensed trademarks.

KWA, although in Taiwan, have built their factory to Japanese standards. The cleanliness and quality control of their premises are remarkable to say the least. Although some 'experts' will argue, KWA make the highest quality GBB (gas blow-back) pistols in the world. They are perfectionists to a fault, the fault being that their product output suffers as a result of their rigorous quality control system.

Now KWA manufacture their own V2 gearboxed AEG range of rifles, the quality of which gives you a 'LiPo-ready' AEG straight out of the box!
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