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AGM MkII Airsoft Sten (Second Edition)

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BACK IN STOCK Vive La Resistance! - Grab your beret , onions and fill your pockets with Nylons lets beat the Bosch. Full metal Sten MkII with hop-up

THE classic 'stench gun' beloved & loathed in equal measure by British Troops.

Et arrivee wit batteri et aussi charguer :p

Yep -you read that right - a Mark II Sten gun! Closely modelled on the V*** version, this has been simplified, particularly where the switch is concerned and features an almost entirely steel construction. Now with adjustable hop (although we don't believe it is required) and NiMh stick battery pack. Lo-cap MP40 mags only, shoots a good 40m with 0.2g BBs, although they're still rising at that! May well need 0.25g/0.30g BBs. Full auto only - no safety, no semi, no rails, no bayonets, no fancy folding stock just a big lump of black metal. Perfect! The second edition now comes with a standard charger and a NiMh stick battery pack. Running at 320 fps at the muzzle with 0.2gs. A bit more info about the MkII courtesy of Wiki... Mark II The Mark II was the most prolific, at two million units produced. It was a much rougher weapon than the Mk I. The flash eliminator and hand guard (grip) of the Mk I were eliminated. A removable barrel was now provided which projected 3 inches beyond the barrel sleeve. Also, from the operator's perspective, a special catch allowed the magazine to be slid partly out of the magazine housing and the housing rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise, together covering the ejection opening and allowing the weapon and magazine both to lay flat on its side. Winston Churchill with a Sten Mk II in Shoeburyness on June 13th 1941. The barrel sleeve was shorter and rather than have small holes on the top, it had three sets of three holes equally spaced on the shroud. Sten Mk II's in German possession were designated MP.749(e). Some MkIIs were fitted with a wooden stock as this part was desirable and interchangeable with the Mk V. Regular Mark II: * Overall Length: 762 mm (30 in) * Barrel Length: 197 mm (7.8 in) * Weight: 3.2 kg (7.1 lb)

Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 320+
Approx Range 40 Metres
Barrel Length 197mm
Magazine Capacity 50 Rounds
Battery Type Mini Stick
Battery Connector Mini Tamiya
Shooting Mode Fully Automatic
Hop Up No
Gun Type Electric
Gearbox Style Version VII
Manufacturer AGM
Weight (Kg) 4.6000
AGM MkII Airsoft Sten (Second Edition)
Tough and simple
Review by
I bought one of these a while ago, with a view to changing it into an mp1928 with wood stock, but started using it and like it as it is! Never had any problems with it, it's fairly accurate, decent rof, all metal, mp40 mags fit, (110 bb plastic) this has some fairly rough treatment from me, and it takes it all. A great back up weapon too. Does need to have a tighten on the screws every now and then.
AGM MkII Airsoft Sten (Second Edition)
Review by
I've been after one of these for quite a while now so when these came back into stock I just had to get one. When I opened the box it was exactly how I expected it to be, just a basic matt black metal tube and it didnt disappoint . The feel and the look of this heavy lump of metal was just what I thought it would be, all steel except for the gearbox which has a pot metal casing, but this isnt a bad thing at all.
One thing let my particular one down and that was the fore sight was welded of center to the 1 o'clock position but I can live with it, or sort it myself. The power of the gun is average which is a good thing considering the fps limits at many sites, but there is lots of scope for internal tweaking. I would suggest giving the gun a good clean and loctite all the screws before going out into the field. It could do with a safety and a single shot to make it more airsoft friendly but you can live without it and the real Sten is only full auto anyway. The 50 round capacity mag is a bit low so get a few spares and learn how to fill them quickly and you will have a lot of fun spraying bb's around. I give this 5 stars for the price point and the value for money, but for the misaligned sights on my example I give the build quality 4 stars, just like the real one.
Compatible Batteries
Mini Stick NiMH8.4v 1600mAh Stick£12.99
Mini Long Stick NiMH9.6v 1600mAh Stick£17.95
Mini LiPo 7.4v 1000mAh£11.95
Stick LiPo 7.4v 1300mAh£10.95
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