AGM MG42 Full Metal AEG Fire Support Machine Gun

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AGM MG42 Full Metal AEG Fire Support Machine Gun

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The formidable German 'buzz saw' machine gun is finally available at an awesome price for a HUGE airsoft replica of the MG42. Probably most famous from the movie Saving Private Ryan and mini-series Band Of Brothers, the MG42 was without a doubt the most feared German WW2 weapon after the Tiger Tank and 88 shells!

The main structure of this gun is all metal with a wooden stock and faux wood pistol grips. The 'biscuit tin' box mag holds 2500rds and is electrically fed. It's powered by 4x AA batteries which you need to buy separately. The mag, not the gun! :) The battery fits inside the rear receiver and you remove the stock to do this. It's a simple two second action.


We hung on until the price was right and we could get this direct from AGM. The Hong Kong distributor S&T had a 6 months exclusive deal with AGM on this model and is also the exact same gun as the Evike 'Matrix' MG42. So forget all the rumours about one being better than the other, they are ALL IDENTICAL and made by AGM. AGM used the Japanese Shoei MG42 model gun to clone along with a few drawings and photographs supplied by ourselves about 6 years ago!



Due to the weight of this rifle, the bi-pod has come under fire as being a weak point in the design. It has not been designed with real-steel use in mind so if you drop the MG42 down on the front end, then expect the bi-pod to break. This is the same when unfolding/folding the bi-pod as you can snap the spring clips off that hold it up in place.

Also, the way the magazine works means that the auto-wind engages at the very end of the trigger pull. The gun will start firing and a little extra squeeze on the trigger engages the box magazine.

Features: Pressed Steel Receiver Full Metal Barrel Assembly Wood Stock - detachable as real version Full Metal Steel Bushing Custom Gearbox - V2 internals Steel Folding Bipod - folds against heat shield Textured Imitation Wood Pistol Grips Adjustable Front and Rear Iron Sights Steel 2500rd Box Magazine with Autowind Function (Requires 4x AA Batteries) Realistic 1:1 Replica Integrated Safety Push Button -as per real version Functioning Mock Charging Handle Realistic black finish
Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 330+
Approx Range 60m+
Barrel Length 600mm
Magazine Capacity 2500 Rounds
Battery Type Mini
Battery Connector Mini Tamiya
Fire Selector Fully Automatic Only
Hop Up Adjustable
Powered By Electric (Battery)
Manufacturer AGM
Weight (Kg) 7.1000
Included Extras Bipod
AGM MG42 Full Metal AEG Fire Support Machine Gun
Overall, good.
Review by
Externally its pretty solid, pot metal but its pretty thick.
No wobbles or creaks which is relieving after dropping £400 on a clockwork toy, bipod is a bit iffy though and would reccomend having it up or being used, dont let it swing around.

Opened it up and found the upper reciever was greased beautifully and was pretty clean, important to mention it comes with a plastic tooth piston so it wont last long.
Airseal was brilliant but with chinese guns its a mixed bag and i got lucky.

Lower reciever was put together by a git, there was thick grease everywhere, shimming was really poor, the grub screw on the pinion was missing and the spring on the anti reversal latch was bent, not fussed really considering im ipgrading it anyway.

All in all its a great bit of kit and i do love it, ive got it firing at 1200 rpm like the real steel with a few minor upgraded, is it worth £400? Yer but no more.
AGM MG42 Full Metal AEG Fire Support Machine Gun
Well worth the money
Review by
This was bought for me by m son as a surprise for my birthday...and what a an awesome surprise.....

Build quality is very good overall, it is not a lightweight "skirmish" gun...much more a "dig in and cover" play thing, you WILL need a carry strap (replicas available for a tenner).
Magazine trap door does lose a few BBs and the electrical connector really needs to be beefier. Charging handle is a waste of time other than for asthetics

Standard battery is rubbish and fit only for the bin...NEEDS a 9.6v x 1600mAh.....then it really comes to life. Mine pushed 480fps with a RoF of 32per sec out of the bof with a 9.6v battery.......

Overall however it is an awesome piece of kit...much admired at my regular site. GET ONE you will not regret it.
AGM MG42 Full Metal AEG Fire Support Machine Gun
Really nice piece.
Review by
I took the pieces out and finally assembled it after referring to the deactivated one I have. There is no clear illustration to show how the dummy cocking lever is installed.
The drum magazine once fitted works quite well, apart from the poor fit of the sliding cover, which tends to want to fall off when in the closed position, which then allows all the BBS to fall out.
A bit of metal work seems to have remedied the problem, but, not sure how it will fare out on the field.
That brings the next problem. She chronoed in the high 300's so did not get to try her out. She is a lot lighter than the real thing, and also redwolfs MG34, so would have been no issue on packing her about. A real shame.
Apart for that a great piece, as she fires well.
AGM MG42 Full Metal AEG Fire Support Machine Gun
Good overall
Review by
Really impressed with the weapon itself, good build to it and fires well; love the feel of it and easy to use. Only problem is the drum magazine I received with it doesn't work properly, the mechanism that turns the feeding wheel kept stopping after just 2 or 3 BBs. The weapon itself is very good though.
Compatible Batteries
Mini NiMH9.6v 1600mAh NiMH Mini£14.50
Mini NiMH8.4v 1600mAh NiMH Mini£12.99
Mini Crane NiMH9.6v 1600mAh Crane£14.50OOS
Mini Crane NiMH8.4v 1600mAh Crane£12.99OOS
Mini LiPo 7.4v 1000mAh£11.95
Mini LiPo 7.4v 2200mAh£15.95
NiMH / NICD Battery ChargerVIEW CHARGER£13.95OOS
LiPo / LiFe Battery ChargerVIEW CHARGER£19.95OOS
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