AEG M7 Special Forces Airsoft Rifle

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AEG M7 Special Forces Airsoft Rifle

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An amazing full metal replica of the Troy M7 special forces assault rifle for under £150!!

Aluminium and alloy construction with ABS crane style stock and nylon ergonomic pistol grip. EVERYTHING else on this awesome AEG is metal. It even comes with a Noveske styled flash hider which cost around £35 on their own!

The magazine is a TM compatible 350rd hi-cap with winder on the bottom.

The full length CNC'd RIS rail is top quality with full markings. Full metal pop-up front and rear sights so if you wish to mount a low profile holo sight or similar, you can flip the iron sights down and out of view.

Full tournament spec metalTM compatible V2 gearbox and metal bushings.

It comes in a plain brown box with one M4 magazine and a cleaning rod. You will need a crane battery 8.4V or 9.6V with small Tamiya connector. Oh, and a charger too!

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot offer a 12 month warranty at this price. We will offer a 30-day no-quibble guarantee but will also offer a full 12 month warranty if you are happy to pay the extra £50 insurance. It's also a REAL guarantee, none of this 18 month and 2 year warranty nonsense that other dealers are trying to fool you into believing. Read the terms of their warranties and you will see what we are talking about.

Quite simply one of the best AEG deals we have ever offered, since the one before this :p

We bought these in especially for this offer so please ignore the 'original price', we have to put a figure in for the sale function to work, however it does represent what we would have sold it at if was at full price.

Our honest non-BS warranty explanation: The 30 day warranty is perfectly legal in the UK as we have advertised it as a choice and we are clearly advising you not to buy it if you are not happy with a 30 day warranty

These AEG's are a budget run of guns that we had specially made for us so we could offer buyers a choice to save money. We are offering bargain rifles to people struggling to afford full spec AEG's BUT we cannot afford to sell them at this price and have to cover the return shipping on a failed one. That alone will cancel out any profit we make on this, never mind any cost of repair and return of said gun. So we are giving people the choice, take a reasonably safe risk on what should be a trouble free gun, or don't.

Selling AEG's at this price attracts 'newbies' or first time airsoft gun buyers and unfortunately most don't know how to use them, don't read instructions or ask for help, and many of these lovely people screw them up on the first day for loads of silly reasons that we are all pretty much aware of. We can't afford to subsidise that.

Our message is simple, be happy with your 30 day warranty or if you do not feel that Airsoft World are honest enough to offer you a geniune bargain, go for the insurance option or another gun with a full warranty.

Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 360+
Approx Range 60M
Magazine Capacity 350rd M4
Battery Type Mini Crane
Battery Connector Mini Tamiya
Fire Selector Single Shot / Full Auto
Hop Up Adjustable
Powered By Electric (Battery)
Manufacturer Asia Electric Guns
Weight (Kg) 3.1000
AEG M7 Special Forces Airsoft Rifle
Good first gun
Review by
as this was my first gun I did not know what to expect but am I glad I order it great weight great feel I used it for the first time last Sunday at my local CQB arena great value for the money
AEG M7 Special Forces Airsoft Rifle
Review by

straight out the box the barrel was loose, stock tube was loose. Thought fair enough so a quick tighten and its fine.

Next problem, mag wouldn't go in, Hop Unit was twisted....

Double feeds, mis fires all the time. Full auto is single shot followed by a few bangs!!!

300 quality bbs shot and the piston looses all its teeth....Replace that,

6000 quality bbs shot and shots are all over the place.....Take it to an airsoft engineer who is VERY capable, may i begin;

Timing is way out...hence double feed,
gears cant be shimmed due to loose bushings in the casing,
FPS is chronoed at 230 up to 280 after ten shots,
Hop up is worthless,
reason hop was twisted is bad casting outer barrel and reciever,
hand grip motor screw fell out,
pins dont line up on reciever,
etc etc.

If you want a cheap gun then go ahead but dont expect it to shoot!!!!
AEG M7 Special Forces Airsoft Rifle
Ok, but a bit hyped up in the description
Review by
I have probably seen more of this gun than the previous 2 reviewers due to the fact the gun only shot 330 fps and accuracy was all over the place out of the box and the hop wouldn't adjust at all.
I replaced the hop rubber and nub with better quality ones, the original was lose in the chamber and a poor seal. I also cleaned the inner barrel. The gun now shoots at 365fps, which is what the description says it should be. It is now also very accurate. I'd guess the spring is a M110.
I'm not overly keen on the receiver either, the rear receiver pin only holds the gearbox in and doesn't lock the top part of the receiver down. The top part of the receiver is only held on by the front pin and the fact it slides down the upper part of the gearbox. Only time will tell if this is a major weak point.
The flash hider was lose and when tightened by hand the threads stripped very, very easily inside the flash hider so the flash hider is now useless.
It is a very cheap gun for the spec and has good potential but dont expect too much out of the box. It is nowhere near the quality of an ICS gun but is nowhere near the price. If you're ok at setting a gun up it's worth a punt at the price.
AEG M7 Special Forces Airsoft Rifle
What more can you want?
Review by
What you get is what it says on the tin. Full metal with plastic pistol grip and butt stock.
Pro's for me are the double sided mag release catch, metal hop and both front and rear sights are flip up/down enabling you to have lower sight mounts. Due to it's length it's also an ideal weapon for CQB situations but beware it does pack a punch with an impressive 360+ fps
The only downside on this awesome AEG is that it doesn't come with a QD sling swivel which can be fitted on 6 different areas but for the price of £150 I am not complaining as you can pick them up for a tenner.

10 out of 10
AEG M7 Special Forces Airsoft Rifle
M7 S/F
Review by
A+++solid build,real weight and feel cant fault this weapon works a treat,buy one or miss out,thanks again AW.
Compatible Batteries
Mini Crane NiMH9.6v 1600mAh Crane£14.50
Mini Crane NiMH8.4v 1600mAh Crane£12.99
Mini Crane LiPo 7.4v 2600mAh 2Leg£15.95
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