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Asia Electric Guns

AEG KAC PDW styled M4 Airsoft Rifle

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An amazing full metal replica of the Knights Armament Personal Defense Weapon.

Aluminium and alloy construction with ABS PEQ laser battery box nylon ergonomic pistol grip. EVERYTHING else on this awesome AEG is metal. It also comes with a replica PDW waffle magazine.

The magazine is a TM compatible 120rd mid-cap with no winder on the bottom, so no rattles.

The full length CNC'd RIS rail is top quality. Dimpled Knights style outer barrel and ribbed flash-hider. Full metal pop-up front and rear sights so if you wish to mount a low profile holo sight or similar, you can flip the iron sights down and out of view.

Full tournament spec metal TM compatible V2 gearbox and metal bushings.

It comes with two PDW magazines, PEQ box and a cleaning rod. You will need a crane / mini battery 8.4V or 9.6V with small Tamiya connector. Oh, and a charger too!

We did these a while ago and this one has sat around awaiting us fitting a new selector. That's all done and the rifle tested perfectly, but she's not perfect. There are some obvious wear signs on the end of the flash hider and the left side of the upper receiver at the bolt release but hey, you're going to skirmish it and it'll only get more scuffed and worn, so why worry! 

Approx FPS (+/- 5%) 300+
Approx Range 50M+
Magazine Capacity 120rd M4 Mid
Battery Type Mini Crane
Battery Connector Mini Tamiya
Fire Selector Single Shot / Full Auto
Hop Up Adjustable
Powered By Electric (Battery)
Gearbox Style Version II
Manufacturer Asia Electric Guns
Weight (Kg) 3.1000
Included Extras Extra Magazine
AEG KAC PDW styled M4 Airsoft Rifle
Great Gun, Cheap Mags
Review by
I'm going to keep this review short, as it's getting late; but my overall experience with this purchase wasn't fantastic. That being said, the rifle itself is great. The full metal build quality is good (better than you can expect for the price), however, I ran into several problems with the mags. They're difficult to load, plastic and they feel cheap. I also experienced issues with the BB feed, the magazines would often fail to spring the BBs into the chamber. Further, my preference is always to opt for gas, ideally GBB & so the rate of fire was fairly underwhelming, but hey-ho, I think this one is going to be a nice addition to the locked glass cabinet.
AEG KAC PDW styled M4 Airsoft Rifle
cracking CQB compact shooter!
Review by
A Hong Kong clone of the £400+ VFC Knights Armament Corp's PDW, but without some of the extras that come with the VFC gun (ie short barrel extension, silencer & foregrip), arrives in a small but attractive yellow box, first impression OMG ITS TINY! All metal construction (bar the pistol grip), the upper and lower receivers are unique to this gun, and finished in a nice dark grey colour, with lots of nice detail, including trades, serial number etc picked out in silver (looks better than white marking in my opinion!) A working bolt stop for easy hop adjustment, fully ambidextrous fire selectors and mag release so ideal for left handed players; a slight amount of play found in the folding stock when open (a shim of thin brass sheet sorted that), but clips rock solid to the lower receiver when closed. The dimpled 2 piece free float metal outer barrel sits in a solid metal housing which is fixed inside the upper receiver by 2 substantial metal bolts - so its solid! Basic flip up front and rear sights are adjustable for windage (rear) and elevation (front). I found a normal 9.6v mini battery without end caps fitted into the PEQ box ok, but found the stock won't close with the PEQ fitted on the right side of the gun (my preferred location) but PEQ could be fitted to the top or left RIS rail instead if preferred. I added a Tangodown stubby vertgrip for comfort and a holo sight (big sights like an ACOG look silly on this small gun!) Various M4 mags were tried and all seem to fit and feed well. At 360FPS it's a little hot for my site so a 330FPS spring was fitted. Gearbox internals are great for a gun of this price - nice big metal bushings (7 or 8mm), nicely shimmed steel gears with a fitted sector gear clip, metal spring guide and an aluminium piston head. The metal hop unit has a decent hop rubber so accuracy isn't bad at all after a good clean of the barrel - it will hold its own in woodland as well as CQB. Main problem with this gun (as apparently with the VFC one) is the QD sling positions won't accept a QD sling mount as you can't push it in fully! The one on the stock will fit but there is no recess for the ball bearings to engage so it just pulls out grrrr! Only a minor gripe though as there are other means of attaching a sling, I use a single point sling that clip fits to the stock just fine. If you can live with the PEQ box (even for LiPos) and minor sling issues, the build quality and internals make this is a bargain of a gun which should stand up to a lot of use.
AEG KAC PDW styled M4 Airsoft Rifle
What more can you want from an AEG
Review by
What you get is what it says on the tin. Full metal with plastic pistol grip and very nice heavy durable plastic mid cap magazine. The PEQ battery housing is basic and light plastic which houses the battery nicely (a bit of modding is needed to fit the cables through), how it will hold up to battle abuse only time will tell.
Pro's for me are the double sided mag release catch and automatic lock on the hop/ejection port so you don't need to hold back the cocking slide while adjusting the metal hop. Both front and rear sights are flip up/down enabling you to have lower sight mounts. The folding metal butt stock gives you an ideal weapon for CQB situations but beware it does pack a punch with an impressive 360+ fps
The only downside on this awesome AEG is that it doesn't come with a QD sling swivel which can be fitted on 3 different areas but for the price of £150 I am not complaining as you can pick them up for a tenner.

10 out of 10
Compatible Batteries
Mini Crane NiMH9.6v 1600mAh Crane£14.50
Mini Crane NiMH8.4v 1600mAh Crane£12.99
Ultra Thin LiPo 7.4v 1300mAh 2Leg£11.95
Mini LiPo 7.4v 850mAh£10.95
Mini LiPo 7.4v 1000mAh£11.95
Mini Crane LiPo 7.4v 2600mAh 2Leg£15.95
Stick LiPo 7.4v 1300mAh£10.95
Mini Life9.9v 750mAh 1L£13.50
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