Action Army AAP-01 DDW Suppressor 14mm CCW - FDE

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    AA U01-017-2

    If you are looking for that unique 'Gucci' suppressor that looks and feels just like a real-steel 'Shoosh-Tube', you've just found it!

    CNC machined from solid aluminium, it was originally designed sprecifically to compliment the AAP-01 GBB Pistol but has a standard 14mm CCW thread so can be fitted to 99% of all airsoft rifles too. For those in the know; the Action Army DDW Suppressor is modelled on the very well respected Daniel made 7.62 Cal. beast - so give him a wave of thanks.

    The additional CNC detail in this version is far cooler looking though, with the milled porting in the front end cap, which also unscrews along with the O-ring secured base.

    The interior of this suppressor is baffled with foam - just enough to give you that true 'Assassin' quietness.