Action Army AAP-01 Assassin GBB Airsoft Pistol - Black

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    AA AAP-01 BLK

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    The long awaited first pistol from Action Army. It's a gorgeous piece of kit and their first foray into pistols and boy, have they made something special!

    Alloy, Steel, ABS and Polymer construction, this looks kinda like a Ruger however is a fully Tokyo Marui compatible Glock inside!

    It's customisable too! Want a svelt look with an Anodised Charging Handle? No problem. Fancy an anodised charging ring instead? They've got you covered. Anodised Thumb Rest. Yep. Magwell guide? Hell yes! They even have a custom suppressor and Stock kit for it coming!

    And how does it shoot? We shot a couple of samples during pre-production in December last year and they are unbelievably awesome. Why? Because Action Army redesigned this model from the ground up and took over a year of meticulous R&D to design it.....

    PLEASE NOTE: You MUST apply some hop or the BB will just roll out the barrel before you fire.