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Approx FPS 330+
Approx Range 20m+
Barrel Length N/A
Magazine Capacity Grenade specific
Shooting Mode One Shot Per Cock
Hop Up No
Gun Type Gas (Cartridge)
Manufacturer ACM
Weight (Kg) 4.3000

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AGM Airsoft RPG-7 full metal and faux wood rocket launcher - with TWO gas grenades and sling ring.

- (ACM)

It's big, black and brown and not very heavy! This isn't as high quality as the Russian Mania CNC'd version but it's a great quality gas grenade launcher at a brilliant price.

It fires BB's, paintballs, Nerf rockets, whatever you want really, it depends on the 40mm gas grenade you chuck inside! It comes with two 84rd 'Moscart' type gas grenade in the package. There is even a channel down the middle of the dummy rocket for an inner barrel, should you wish to use one with a gas shotgun cartridge for more accurate and longer range hit (although a rifle does that job 100x better). Full instructions are included.

The main difference between this version and the RM RPG is that this one comes in kit form, which has helped to bring the price right down without factory assembly and large box shipping costs. However, it takes about 5 minutes to put together, it's really that easy.

Please note: The gas grenade is a cheap Chinese replica with quite poor quality O-ring seals. Please consider this as a freebie and as such we will not offer a warranty of any kind on the grenade. Also, the sight mount pictured is not fitted to this version.

UPDATE: We asked AGM to supply us with a better quality grenade or we wouldn't buy any more :) So they very kindly supplied us with a load of new higher quality ones so we will now send you the original grenade along with an extra upgraded version - and now a steel sling loop ring which they dropped on previous models as it was alloy and could break. 

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Full metal and plastic wood replica of the world famous and most internationally deployed rocket launcher. Loved for its simplicity and superb reliability, this anti-everything-it-hits launcher has been in use from 1961 right up to present day.


Product Features:
- Cast Aluminium barrel
- Steel front and rear sight
- Cast Aluminium trigger set
- Steel ring bands
- Plastic wood heatshield
- Bakelite color grips

The dummy rocket is hollow ABS plastic and is not fired from the launcher.

Customer Reviews

AGM Airsoft RPG-7 full metal and faux wood rocket launcher - with TWO gas grenades and sling ring.
Smashing bit of kitReview by
Smashing bit of kit but not very skirmishable. Sadly does not have a scope mount to fit an rpg optic but still very cool. Cant wait for someone to release the Airtronic modern version of this.
AGM Airsoft RPG-7 full metal and faux wood rocket launcher - with TWO gas grenades and sling ring.
Great but not all there Review by
This arrived this morning in a box that I thought was surly wrong, but on opening it you find 4 smaller boxes all very well protected in each box is 1/4 of the rpg that you screw together. The build quality is surprisingly good with the fake wood looking real if not better than most tm fake wood.
Once built tested out the free shell and all it needs is a new o-ring and I have pots of them the alloy barrel has got some casting flaws but you can't see them from the out side but it dose corse the shell to stick.
Mine was missing the scope rail and the rear sling mount but as it dose not affect the operation of the rpg I'm not going to lose much sleep over it.
Over all well worth it just for the intimidation factor

If you do happen to find the scope mount though I would be grateful if I could have it.

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