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Stop on by and browse through our large selection of airsoft, BB guns, airsoft accessories and outdoor supplies. Talk to our staff who have extensive knowledge of the airsoft world and get guidance from technicians trained by the airsoft factories in Asia.

Airsoft World believe it or not started from the back of a Land Rover Defender! The founder and current CEO/Director Steve Madley started playing airsoft at one of the TWO airsoft sites in Scotland at that time (2002?). The site was not commercially run but was a very small and finely packaged private site and as such, there were no BB's, pyros or ANYTHING available to the players. Everyone had to buy mail order from England because there were no airsoft shops in Scotland. So, Steve started to buy bulk shipments of BB's and sell them on at a very small profit. This was the birth of what is now Airsoft World.


Our biggest challenge hit us in 2005 when the VCRA Bill was announced, which attempted to abolish all forms of replica firearms in the UK, right down to water pistols. Airsoft World, together with the small number of airsoft retailers around at the time were forced into forming a representative body so we could lobby the Government and represent airsoft through what we now know as UKARA. Airsoft World became the founding Chairman of UKARA and joined forces with Tim Wyborne to convince the Home Office not to ban replica guns but instead provide a justifiable reason for certain groups who 'required' them. The fact we are still here says it all!

Airsoft Scotland changed their name to Airsoft World to demonstrate their coverage and stop the emails asking "Do you post to England?" !. We still get them.... :)

The growth of Airsoft World is equally as interesting (?!) Steve and his wife Susan owned a Deli/Restaurant in the seaside town of Burntisland in Fife. Steve also had a video shop on the first floor where he made space in the back corner of the shop and the first official airsoft shop in Scotland was created. At the onset of the VCRA in 2005, Steve decided to buy an existing RFD (Registered Firearms Dealer) shop in Crossgates, 5 miles inland. After almost two years there, working from the shop and four shipping containers half a mile away in a farmyard, the decision was made to move to much larger commercial warehousing facilities 5 miles North. We then moved the showroom back to the Crossgates shop because it proved too busy at the warehouse to treat customers professionally.


Airsoft World now operates from approx. 22,000 sq.ft of warehouses with separate offices, showroom, technicians workshop, spray paint/custom shop, RFD Armoury and custom built explosives storage magazines. It is without a doubt the largest and fully stocked airsoft retail and wholesale distribution point in the UK, possibly even Europe. Airsoft World's buying power and direct links with the manufacturers enables us to pass on great deals and level of backup service previously unavailable elsewhere.

We would also like to thank all our customers and other friends who have stuck by us and helped Airsoft World get where it is today. We love this sport and will continue to play our part in making it stronger!

Thank you for taking the time to read our history.



To all of you, from all of us at Airsoft World - Thank you and Happy Airsoft!

Airsoft World is a trading name of Airsoft World Ltd.
A crazy but friendly bunch!


Company Number: SC310255

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