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Weight (Kg) 2.8000
Manufacturer Hakkotsu

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Hades Arrow 70mm rocket mortar with two rockets

- (Hakkotsu)
Holy Shitaki!
We have been missing something like this forever and now it is finally available :)
A realistic firing action rocket mortar which fires when you drop the 'shell' into the mortar tube. It fires for about 80 metres too, that's around 250 feet! You don't want to tie your shoelaces standing in front of this thing, that's for sure :D

These are not designed for firing directly at people as they weigh 240g (quarter of a bag of sugar) once fired and the water has displaced and will hit with a bit of a thump. They are highly unlikely to seriously hurt anyone if they do hit them though. You would probably hurt yourself more by just falling over!

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Hades Arrow 70mm rocket mortar with two rockets

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See the instructions here:
Hades Arrow Instructions

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The kit comes with:
1x Mortar launching tube 710mm (L) x 115mm (W) x 100(H)
2x Mortar Rockets 535mm (L) x 70mm (Diameter)
1x CO2 Gas Charger
2x Rubber safety tips for the rocket
2x Spare rubber burst discs (disposable - single use)
User manual

It's a souped-up water rocket with a trigger valve mechanism that activates when you drop the mortar shell down the tube and hit the firing pin - JUST LIKE A REAL ONE!

You fill the rocket compartment with water and then charge it with the supplied CO2 gas charger to pressurise the system. The rocket has folding 'flip-out' fins to help it fly straight, so you fold these in and drop it down the tube. Once it hits the firing pin inside the base of the launch-tube, it instantly shoots out with an awesome whooshing sound the fins pop back out to stabilise it and it blasts on for around 50-80Metres.

Customer Reviews

Hades Arrow 70mm rocket mortar with two rockets
drop short :-) take coverReview by rob
I havent fired it yet but it looks just brill, great for demos again wow factor. need to source the rubber seals? as an ex mortar man this is a great bit of kit to have fun with.
Hades Arrow 70mm rocket mortar with two rockets
Excellent bit of kitReview by sam Foxtrot 58 Airsoft
Stunning, Outstanding, Tremendous, these are just a few of the words that I can contribute to this product. Forget your new mags and top of the range AEG's this is what airsoft has been waiting for. The best thing about this product it actually works, no dramas, no messing about, it's a straight forward does exactly what it says on the tin moment.

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