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Enola Gaye
Weight (Kg) 0.1400
Manufacturer Enola Gaye
Burn Time 60-90 Seconds
Fuse Delay 3 - 4 Seconds
Density Heavy

NEW! Enola Gaye LARGE Smoke - Red Strike Fuse

- (Enola Gaye)
When you want the best smoke grenade in the world, you come here. Bright colours, thick smoke & long burn, this is the daddy of all smoke grenades.

Enola Gaye smoke grenades will help remove the oppostions line of sight, blur their vision, create cover, help you move forward & take victory.

So whether you want swirling columns of deep purple smoke or large blood red cloud of smoke striking fear into your opponents, we have what you need.

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NEW! Enola Gaye LARGE Smoke - Red Strike Fuse

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Enola Gaye's original smoke grenade has GONE LARGER! One to one and a half minutes of gushing smoke from Enola Gaye's brand new smoke cannister.

Customer Reviews

NEW! Enola Gaye LARGE Smoke - Red Strike Fuse
Very happyReview by Adam
solid, reliable and a good amount of smoke. I got the red ones, but I think green are the best. but if you need a smoke get these beuts.
NEW! Enola Gaye LARGE Smoke - Red Strike Fuse
Great for the priceReview by Angelo
Got 14 of these suckers and glad to say they are great.
They are nice to hold and have a good weight so you can chuck em a fair distance. Strikes first time with about a 90 second burn.
Only grip is that the output vent could be bigger. Gotta watch which way the wind is blowing, as you do with all smoke nades.
Other that that, to smoke out bunkers and rooms, these are tops.
I will be definitely be buying these again.

Well done chaps!
NEW! Enola Gaye LARGE Smoke - Red Strike Fuse
EPICReview by bob
easy to use really good highly recomended
very good price and started going on the first strike
NEW! Enola Gaye LARGE Smoke - Red Strike Fuse
GREAT!Review by Jack
Amazing, went off on the first strike and went for about 90 seconds. I chucked it in some water and it still worked!
Get this smoke 'nade!!!!!

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  • Conveniently small Good smoke output Available in a variety of colours

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