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Cactus Hobbies
Weight (Kg) 2.5000
Manufacturer Cactus Hobbies

Cactus Hobbies Elliot Black

- (Cactus Hobbies)
The latest design from the famous Cactus Hobbies workshop who are the originators and by far the best manufacturers of this type of horror mask.

Very strong yet lightweight fibreglass resin, steel mesh eye protection and plenty ventilation.

Better pics to follow.

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Cactus Hobbies Elliot Black

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The new improved 2011 versions have 'QuickDry' interior padding to stop buildup of sweat and ensure superior comfort.

In their own words, " After several painstaking months of research and testing, we have come up with a pad design which prevents heat and sweat buildup while providing for proper air circulation in between the contact areas of the pads and the face."

Customer Reviews

Cactus Hobbies Elliot Black
Excellent piece of kitReview by Ben
The mask visually had many reveiws off other players saying that was ''intimidating'' but also ''Awesome''. And i have to admit even without the typical army of two over the top paint scheme on the mask, the mask looks incredible and the way it is shaped looks great but when this fact is taken into account when looking at the padding inside the mask it greatly adds to the comfort, as the padding inside the mask is incredibly uniform and has no hard or overly soft areas suggesting that the padding is evenly stuffed throughout.
The 5 point harness that holds the mask onto your face adds to the general feeling of security, as the mask fits incredibly snuggly and has no risk of falling off, the 5 point harness fits to a small back plate meaning that the mask also provides a small amount of protection to the back of your head which is nice as i always feel as if the back of my head is incredibly vulnerable when wearing other masks.
The mask itself has taken many hits and so far is showing no sign of damage.

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